Cold Email Outreach

The first ever service that will find you customers and sell them your product!

People think that email marketing is dead and that no one reads emails anymore. That could not be further from the truth… Most online businesses that have a good email marketing strategy in place are able to generate an additional 50% of their typical revenue just from sending out emails to their customers every month.

But you are probably thinking… ‘I don’t have an email list, I have no one to contact’

Step 1 - We Find The Emails Addresses

Provide us with the characteristics of your dream client and our team will do all the hard work to scrape the internet and find the emails of hundreds of people who match your target audience.

Step 2 - We Write The Emails

The reason many people fail in cold email outreach is because their script is terrible. It is often too salesy or too spammy which causes people to ignore them or they simply end up straight in the spam/junk box.

Step 3 - We Deliver Emails To The Inbox

What’s the point of sending out emails when no one is able to read them?

The reality is that email providers are becoming more strict day by day, filtering out emails and sending them straight to the spam/junk box if they appear to be trying to sell something.

With our experience in cold email marketing combined with our in-house developed systems we have the perfect formula in place that delivers emails straight to your customer’s inbox. It simply doesn’t get any more powerful than this!

We Send The Leads To Your Offer

With our proven system we have been able to constantly convert 15% – 20% of the emails we send to leads (people who are interested in the offer) for all our customers.

With our cold email outreach package we help you construct a clever offer that will make your leads want to open their wallets and step through the doors of your business. This is the most important and tricky part in this whole system, but we have mastered it and we are ready to implement it for your business.

Our Platform

Delta K is an official partner with Shopify, currently the best E-Commerce website developing platform, trusted by more than 400,000 businesses around the world.  is an official partner with Shopify, currently the best E-Commerce website developing platform, trusted by more than 400,000 businesses around the  is an official partner with Shopify, currently the best Ee 

Why Shopify?

Many people ask ‘Why Shopify?’. Here are the main reasons:

Ease Of Use

You don’t need to have any coding skills or be a tech geek in order to run an E-Commerce website with Shopify. The back-end where you will be making changes to your store, such as adding products, fulfilling orders etc, is very simple, clean and extremely easy to use.

24/7 Support

Shopify currently has one of the best support teams you will ever find. Have any issues with your store? Just visit their support page and click the live chat button. A member of the support team will be chatting with you live within a maximum of five minutes, helping you with any issues you have.

Affordable Pricing

Starting at only $29 a month, Shopify has one of the most fair and affordable E-Commerce. Remember, this is all you have to pay to run your own online business. No rent, no electricity bills, no water bills etc.

Affordable Pricing

Shopify has a built in SSL certificate for all their websites. This means that your E-Commerce store will be encrypted and secure for your customers to shop without the risk of a cyber attack or data theft.

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