Shopify Exchange Scam Detector

Shopify Exchange is a marketplace platform launched by Shopify in August 2017 and it is perhaps one of the best places for people that either want to buy an already-running Shopify store or sell a store they no longer want.

Many stores on Shopify Exchange show very good stats when it comes to the number of sales and traffic that the store has, which indicate that they can be a good purchase if you are looking on adopting a business that is some some early success. However, the Shopify Exchange platform is not just filled with high quality stores and this is where you want to watch out!

Many people take advantage of the platform by creating a large number of low-quality starter stores and listing them on the platform, hoping to catch a quick sale or two. They also try to get you to contact them outside the platform’s messaging system, using email or WhatsApp, in order to force you to use a different payment method than Escrow (Payment method that is required to be used for Shopify Exchange transactions) or sell you something else together with the store.

Today I am going to show you how to spot these sellers and how to stay away from them.

Look at the Store's Description

Low quality sellers on Shopify Exchange usually tend to list as many stores at once in order to try and take over the platforms ‘Recently Added’ page. The more stores they have on the page when you visit it the more likely you will end up buying from them. What this means is that the stores they publish will be of bad quality and will also have bad descriptions. Here is an example of a store with a bad description on Shopify Exchange:

Shopify Exchange - Description

As you can see from the example above, the seller has put minimal effort when writing the description of the store. This is a good sign that he similarly put minimal effort when setting up the store.

Visit The Store

Make sure to visit the store because this is by far be the best way for you to see whether work has been put into it or not. Below you will find a breakdown of the things you should look at, when you visit the store, which clearly indicate that zero effort has been put into it and will therefore be a bad investment for you.

If the store doesn’t have a logo, uses a basic theme, uses stock images and only has minimal content it clearly shows that minimal has been put into it.

Contacting The Seller

If you end up contacting the seller of any store on Shopify Exchange there are a few thing you need to remember:

  • Never send them a payment through a different payment provider than the one Shopify Exchange recommends (which at the moment is Scammers will try to get you to pay through PayPal so they can receive the money and run away.
  • Do not message the seller in any other platform other than the secure Shopify Exchange messaging system. Scammers will try and get you to contact them by email or WhatsApp so they can talk to you privately and possibly sell you additional things that Shopify Exchange does not support (e.g Stolen Courses etc).

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